Lansing Democratic Committee

Our Goals

  • Elect and support democrats for offices in Lansing.

  • Elect and support democrats for State and Federal offices.


LDC members carry petitions to  place candidates on local, state, and federal election ballots. You may have met some of us while we have been getting signatures for petitions or when we have distributed information about our candidates. 


Many of our members are also members of the Tompkins County Democratic Committee (TCDC). But you may join the LDC without becoming a member of the TCDC.  



Chair: Ruth Groff

Treasurer: Ted Laux

Secretary: Ruth Hopkins

               Local Elected Officials

Salmon Creek outlet near

Myers Park and Salt Pt.

LDC Caucus

Local Elected Officials

The following Lansing Democrats are serving as your elected representatives.  They welcome your feedback.

Tompkins County Legislature:

     Deborah Dawson

Tompkins County Clerk:

     Maureen Reynolds

Lansing Town Board:

     Andra Benson

Lansing Town Board:

     Bronwyn Losey

Lansing Town Board:

     Joe Wetmore

Lansing Town Justice:

     Maura Kennedy-Smith

Lansing Village Deputy Mayor:

     Ronny Hardaway