2019 LDC Town Candidates


Candidate for

Town Supervisor

Michael Koplinka-Loehr is a 50- year resident of Tompkins County and has served for six years on local school boards (three years representing Lansing on the TST BOCES Board of Education) and 12 years on the Tompkins County Legislature, the last two years serving as Chair at the Legis-lature. He has served on the Town Of Lansing Economic Development Committee, the Lansing Community Council, and the Lansing Bicentennial committee.

While presently a Field Representative of the US Census Bureau, Mike has led local nonprofit organizations for over 40 years and serves on several local nonprofit boards.


He’s excited to bring his passion for public service and his depth of skills and experience to serve ALL Lansing residents as Town of Lansing Supervisor.


Candidate for

Town Board Member

Andra Benson has lived in Lansing for over 50 years with her husband Chuck on their organic dairy farm on Lansingville Road.


Together they raised 8 children and hosted more than 50 foster children.


Andra served on the Lansing Central School Board for 10 years and was a trustee of the Lansing Community Library for 12. She is a co-founder of the Lansing Drop In Center, Lansing Youth Commission and Lansing Youth Mission.


Presently Andra is a Town board member, teen minister at All Saints Church and director of the local chapter of Days for Girls.

Cornell University brought Andra upstate, and she never left (except for two years of Peace Corps service in South America.) "I love living here and serving all of the Lansing community as best as I can."


Candidate for

Town Board Member

Bronwyn Losey grew up in Lansing and graduated from Lansing High School in 1999. She graduated from Ithaca College earning a master's degree in early childhood development from the University of Rochester.


Bronwyn is the founding director of a non-profit preschool that is focused on providing care for children whose parents are taking English language classes.

Bronwyn and her husband chose Lansing as a place to raise their two children and are now proud owners of the house Bronwyn grew up in.

As someone who was raised in Lansing, Bronwyn understands the need to see Lansing grow while sharing the desire to keep the heart and soul of our community intact.